INTERVIEW EXCERPTS    Countdown begins January 1, 2019!

"They talk about those Yankee teams with all those hitters and pitchers. But we were the biggest bunch of red asses; we got on each other...only Joe DiMaggio didn't have to say anything. He just had to look at you." —Gene Woodling

"Drysdale and Koufax, who are throwing 90-plus on the black part of the plate and using the fastball to move them back off the plate when you get ahead, I defy somebody to get a hit. It's just not possible." —John Roseboro

"Do I think we should have won some pennants during [Leo Durocher's] years in Chicago? Absolutely. We had the best talent in baseball and we didn't win. I don't know why. If we had won in '69, we probably would have won the next two or three years. But there was a stigma attached to not winning that year." —Don Kessinger

"Casey Stengel would never give you a direct answer to a question. If an interviewer asked him one question, he'd get four answers. And if you had four questions to ask, you'd never get past the first one." —George "Highpockets" Kelly

"Honesty has gotten more managers fired than incompetence." —Pat Corrales